Friday, December 24, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas


33 Spruce Court

Love my front door

Martha's Tree


NYC and a big burger

Just weird, had to take a pic

Mary putting on a second pair of socks

Just characters




There are jobs out there


Singing diner, like Joey's

The tree


Too crowded to ice-skate, but fun to watch

Our awesome kids

Time Square

A good ending to a fun day
 Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope everyone finds peace and happiness this holdiay.  I hope that you can feel my hug all the way from New Jersey.  Love you all.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Great Day, plus a few pics from crew

Hi Everyone,

I've been keeping a list of questions that I would like to ask Martha.  Some of them are silly, but some of them are more serious.  A silly question is, how old was Salem when you started letting her go outside. Today's more serious question was, will I ever be able to feel happiness.  After I typed this question, I put on my boots and went out to work in the yard.  Fall yard work in NJ can be all consuming; mind, body and spirit.  Well, I got the answer to my question.  I can't explain it in words, but I think the pictures do the trick.  Scroll through them slowly, because they are beautiful in so many ways. 

I worked in our yard and felt the presence of peacefulness.  Martha and I would spend many a fall day building elaborate leaf houses.  We would have circles for each room and a narrow pathway for the halls.  We had a kitchen, living room, and bedrooms.  It was very imaginative.  Today my mind was blank for most of the day, using the blower or running the tractor.  Once in a while my mind would slip back to our childhood memories, but the memories brought me nothing, but joy. 

The picture of the skinny tree is the tree that I had planted in our backyard in Martha's honor.  At the end of the day I stopped to notice all of the leaves have fallen off, except the few at the very top.  Maybe they were guiding my eyes to the sky for a reason. 

Mary is all dressed up for a dinner/dance.  She is so pretty and so sweet.  We enjoyed a nice time getting her ready. 

I hope you enjoy the pics of Brian doing crew.  Last time I was told that you couldn't see him in the pics, I hope these are better. 

You may wonder why Connor is wearing a Tulane jersey.  Well, today he was accepted to Jim's alma mater.  Connor is four for four.  He is so happy and Jim is even happier.  We will see what happens.  Jim's first question was "Did they offer him any money?"  Not yet, so we will see. 

So as I enjoy my glass of wine, I realize that I got the answer to my question.  I had a great day.  For the first time, I realize what Martha meant when she said, "You will always find me in your heart."  Today I did and it was wonderful.

Love you all,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time for an Update

Hi Everyone,
The Regan's have been busy since our last update, which was over one month ago.  Connor finished all, but one of his college applications.  If I can upload his college essays to the blog I will.  He worked very hard on making these writings his own.  I learned that I am one of the helicopter mom's.  I was getting so tired to waiting for Connor that I was ready to write them myself, until Connor put me in my place.  "I am going to college, not you. I want to get in on my own, not by them thinking you are me!"  The words came as a pleasant surprise.  Jim and I have always told the kids that they own their own grades.  Well, I guess the message really sank in.  I hovered around until the essays were spitting out of the printer.  The college application process is a huge amount of work.  We paid for SAT and ACT tests and scores, application fees, stamps for the teacher's letters of recommendation, and the ever so expensive college visits.  So, far Connor has been accepted to NAU and ASU.  NAU has offered Connor a Presidential Scholarship, $28,000 total, but only $7,000 per year.  Seven thousand is the exact amount of their room and board.  We will keep you posted on our progress.

Brian is finishing Fall crew this weekend with two regatta's.  It has been a fun season, but nothing like the Spring season.  The team is smaller and some of the guys just aren't into the sport as much as they should be. 

Mary is Mary.  She was the Rock of Rock, Paper, Scissors for Halloween.  She is trying out for the school musical.  Mary has never participated in any school production, so we will see how it goes.  Jim and I are very happy that she is courageous enough to give it a go. 

Jim is doing well.  I count on him for so much right now and he never complains.  He is an amazing husband and father.  He walks to and from work everyday unless he is traveling.  He still loves cooking.  I find it too funny, because I hate cooking.  At night I go into the other room because Jim and the kids are watching cooking shows.  Recently, Connor even took the time to write down a recipe off of a show for Jim to make. 

Jim's dad spend a little over a week in the hospital.  This was a tough time for Jim and his family.  Pop is 87 years old and doing much better.  We are fortunate that Pop doesn't have any of the dreadful things that elderly people sometimes get; alzheimers, cancer, Parkinson's, etc.  Pop is just aging and that is an okay thing.

I am doing okay.  I've been busy with our kids and I started tutoring again.  I have two students and I wish I had more.  Working with students is the one thing that can distract me into a place where I think of nothing else besides what we are working on. 

All of us went to the Colbert thing in Washington DC.  We've told most of you about it, but I will try to post some pics.  It was an amazingly fun time. 

I can't think of anything else right now, so I will try to upload pics.  Ok the pics plopped in the middle.  Sorry, that's the best I can do. 

Keep in touch, I miss and love all of you, Pam